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A chronicle of my life, including the ups and the downs dealing with chronic pain and making it through graduate school. It is a way of bringing awareness to chronic pelvic pain disorders, two of which I have: Interstitial Cystitis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Many women and some men suffer from these disorders, but they are not well known. This is a blog about my journey with these disorders, and about life in general. We only have one chance, so we better make the best of it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

May Angels Lead You In, Hear you me My friend

So far it has been a full work week. I honestly don't know how long it has been since experiencing this much bliss. I have had some pains, but they are manageable, and that is the key.

The song that I am referring to is "Hear you Me" by Jimmy Eat World. It is a song that makes me realize that I could not be who I am without the really important people in my life. Each moment, each struggle, has made me grow into the person that I want to become. I may be unsure of my day or what is going to happen along the way, but I am always aware of my true friends, and the people who will be there for me no matter what happens along the way.

Each day is something that we should appreciate, and take to heart. All of us have issues or faults: work, health, coworkers, finding jobs, but we should not let those issues define us. I don't want my health to define me, I want all of the struggles (graduate school included), the people I meet, and everyday encounters to be what defines me. I want to be defined as a strong woman. A person, that someone could look up to and realize that you can do whatever you want no matter your limitations.

I hope that each event in my life will make me a better person, and the best that I can be. No matter how tough the struggle is, I realize that I will prevail. I will rise above, even as I have reached my lowest.

Some of this may seem like it is rambling, but it is what goes through my mind. Especially as of late.

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